Pitching Journalists Tips:


Pitching Journalists

this fits with their editorial schedules, generally speaking. Evening TV news is on a similar schedule but a bit later for slow news days.

Tip: For magazines, get their editorial schedule (free, public) from the advertising department and choose an angle that helps the journalist or blogger or reporter tell their story.

  • Less than 2% of journalists prefer to receive pitches on the phone, 92% prefer email.
  • Lack of personalization is the most likely reason a journalist would immediately reject a pitch // [be narrow with your targeting! Before you send a story, you should know what “beat” (topics) this journalist covers.
  • Nearly 80% of journalists find Twitter to be the most valuable social network

This is from Muckrack, a tool focused on publicity and PR. Some features overlap with Swift Radar.

Tip: Use Swift Radar to e-stalk (in a good way) journalists and bloggers who cover your field by adding their Twitter feed to Swift Radar, then you can whitelist or blacklist to filter it down to topics you care about.