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NOTE: Swift Radar especially, more than our other apps, is all about your data sources and thus your industry. For that reason, we also have a few industry-specific guides below.. even if you’re not in that industry, you might still do well to review it, and see the logic and systems used – the same concepts can be applied to almost any industry for which you want to generate leads.

  1. The Basics: Setup Craigslist Monitors, RSS
  2. Press & PR – How to get $$$ in free advertising
  3. Email “Rooms” – Cleanup your inbox & Isolate attention for success
  4. Dashboards – Focus on what matters.
  5. Success Habits
    1. The most powerful software in the world is worthless if not used. Tips for maximizing results, your Return On Investment, and making success a habit.

 Industry Specific Guides:

Want one for your industry? Just contact us and we’ll update this help file.