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Let’s get you set up! Click any item below to see a help video about that topic. Most are just a few minutes. This process is best done in order without skipping steps. NOTE: Swift Radar especially, more than our other apps, is all about your data sources and thus your industry. For that reason, we Read More…

Help on Help

Help on HelpSep 09,2014

On any page, click the help icon in the top right to see help about that specific page. The system will know what page you’re on, and so the help files will be specific. If you encounter a blank page, just let us know! We’ll be happy to complete it for you – they all Read More…

Tips on Pitching Reporters

Pitching Journalists Tips: When: this fits with their editorial schedules, generally speaking. Evening TV news is on a similar schedule but a bit later for slow news days. Tip: For magazines, get their editorial schedule (free, public) from the advertising department and choose an angle that helps the journalist or blogger or reporter tell their Read More…

Top classifieds by traffic

Top Classifieds by traffic – almost all of these have RSS feeds, and will work with Swift Radar craigslist.org – The most successful classified ads site ever. Free classifieds – backpage.com The number 2 classifieds site. This is where all the escort and body rub ads ran to after 17 attorney generals pressured Craigslist into Read More…

How to use Yahoo Questions & Answers with Swift Radar

This is easy –  you just need to know where to look: Remember to search for the phrase FIRST – this modifies the RSS URL to filter to what you want, otherwise you’ll get far too much irrelevant junk, cluttering up your feed.  

How to copy a URL

How to copy a URLJul 23,2014

This might be trivial for advanced users, but everyone starts somewhere! The secret is often found in the right click – click the right button on your mouse.  

Real Estate Leads

Real Estate LeadsJul 15,2014

Free Real Estate Leads…

Craigslist Top Cities

Craigslist is a powerful source of potential information, and every page has an RSS feed. That said, while craigslist is in 100+ cities, only about 20 of them actually have any traffic. Below is a list on which you can run find and replace on. Need a free find and replace tool? We recommend http://notepad-plus-plus.org/ – Read More…

Setup Basics

Setup BasicsJul 14,2014

Setup Basics (Alpha Release)  

Real Estate Leads Dashboard

We have a few real estate clients, and are developing a set of recommended feeds for various lead-types along with general best practices. See our “Dashboard Best Practices” article first, then consider adding the following: Probates Obituaries RSS feeds – some newspapers have an RSS feed directly for this category, others use Legacy.com which is Read More…